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All Day “Out Of Office” with Maya

This is a bit experimental, but come with me:

I have been looking for ways to add value to the HHH community, and offer one-to-one support… WITHOUT either of us being stuck in yet another Zoom call or workshop. Traditional coaching and consulting models work well online, but I believe there’s has to be a better way, that fits the Healthy Happy Homeworking ethos, and lets us make meaningful progress on your WFH issues and sticking points asynchronously.

So here’s the plan: You get access to me for a whole business day, via Voxer. This is a walkie-talkie type app on your phone, and we can shoot voice and text messages back and forth throughout our time together.

We can talk about anything you like, confidentially and professionally, all day – from 9am until 6pm UK time. We won’t be on a 9-hour continuous call, which would turn us both into glassy-eyed Zoom Zombies! You don’t need to take time off, or clear your diary. You just need time around your day-to-day life and work to listen and reply to messages, along with the mental bandwidth to process what I am asking and saying to you.

If you like we can dig in to a communications challenge you’re having, issues with boundaries, your WFH environment, or your motivation and productivity. Perhaps you need to plan and prepare for a difficult conversation, or get some unbiased feedback on a new business idea. Maybe you want help unearthing and applying for your next role, or designing your career and lifestyle around a home base… Whatever your issues are, it’s your day (and we may cover a number of different issues if we rock through and resolve things fast).

I can’t guarantee to fix all your problems, but I undertake to give you the best individual attention and support I can, from the perspective of my 21 years of WFH business experience.

As this offer is still in a piloting phase, I am offering it at an introductory price of $147.

The deal right now is:

  • You bear with the general lack of slick sales patter, elegant sales funnel, and shiny packaging (just use the form on this page to message me so we can work out dates etc.)
  • You agree to give me honest feedback on how this process works for you and what I can do to improve it
  • If the day has helped you in some way, you provide me with a testimonial I can use to market it properly.

Sounds good?

Then let’s connect, and start helping you WFH better one-to-one.