One small step for the knowledge worker… the book which helps you make the leap.

Book One in the Healthy Happy Homeworking series is all about the transition to working from home.

Perhaps you’re facing a permanent shift to home-based working with an office closure. Maybe you got a taste of working from home during lockdown and want to continue. Or alternatively, you could be seeking a brand new remote-first role, to suit your personal life balance.

Out Of The Office will help you take the next step on the path ahead of you, to achieving what you want from healthy happy homeworking.

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About The Books

Welcome to Heathy Happy Homeworking, the new book series focused on the 2020 home-based worker – whether you chose this way of working, or world events brought it to your door, this book series written by 20 year veteran homeworker Maya Middlemiss will help you stay sane, productive, connected and fulfilled… as a healthy happy homeworker

2020 has seen the acceleration and intersection of so many trends in the world of work, and the wider world beyond.  From the quality of online collaboration tools, to a desire to reduce commuting time and environmental impact, the growth of remote work was already progressing rapidly, long before the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

But by forcing many organisations and individuals to jump headlong into home-based working for the first time, often with next to no planning or preparation, many risks and downsides were exposed as well, and when it comes to longer term decisions about how we live and work, it’s important to get the priorities right and choose well.

Healthy Happy Homeworking is within realistic reach of so many people, and this book series can help you achieve it.


“Whatever economic upheavals await, or future for your current employer, if you have one, the chances are your subsequent role will be home-based too, or at least home-centred. So, equipping yourself for that situation in emotional, technical, practical and productivity terms, is the best way you can future-proof your career.”

What’s inside


Flipping expectations: from the exception to the new normality

How the world pivoted in 2020 and what this means for healthy happy choices about working from home.


Finding home-based roles

From decoding the job ads to successfully interviewing and applying for the right roles, this section also explores the intersection of employed and freelance possibilities that homeworking offers.


Monitoring and management

Exploring the range of approaches being embraced by employers to lead and inspire colleagues they cannot see – and how to find your comfort level where accountability meets effectiveness.


The Reluctant Homeworker

Working from home has usually been a positive choice in the past – but it’s time to embrace the many upsides for saved time and money, as well as for society and the whole planet.


Remote work labels and philosophies

From ‘smart working’ to ‘flexible working’ to ‘location-independence’, working from home is just one aspect of remote working’s many possibilities.


Your home office

Setting up a safe and ergonomic space to work from home, whatever that work is.

I felt a bit resentful about my lack of choice to work from home, but I realise now that there are lots of elements I can control, when it comes to long term arrangements and career strategy

I've always liked the idea of working from home, but the reality in the face of the health emergency took a bit of getting used to. Now I am reflecting on how things could look in the 'new normality', and a way I can balance my personal and professional life a bit better

It's so reassuring to learn from someone who has made this way of working a long-term success, and I am beginning to grasp the potential it opens up for me and my family

About the author

I started working from home as a short-term expediency, following the arrival of my ‘millennium baby’.

I quickly came to love the flexibility, peace, freedom, and creativity this lifestyle brought me, and over the past two decades the fact that I work from home has enabled me not only to be present throughout the childhoods of both my daughters, I’ve been able to choose to bring them up on the Mediterranean coast instead of South London. 

Throughout that time the technological, social, economic and business scene has changed beyond all recognition, and never more so than in the past 6 months. But in the Healthy Happy Homeworking book series I’m sharing my journey and the things I’ve learned along the way, to help you enjoy the very best experiences that working from home can offer.

Maya Middlemiss

Coming soon:

Happy Healthy Homeworking Book 2

Drawing Lines In The Sand

Exploring those critical boundaries you need to maintain when working from home, from the physical to the emotional ones. 

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